Gifts are never expected, but aways appreciated

Quick & Easy, but oh so delightful when you bring xoxo

Wine Wine Wine 

Red, White or Rosé

(I do prefer Red)

But I do love when you come with your favourite bottle with a fabulous back story. Just one ore way to share an intimate moment with you. I always love trying new things, and am always on the hunt for a new favourite  bottle myself!





Nothing makes me feel more special then a beautiful bouquet  in my home to remind me of you throughout  my day

That little bit Extra

D'Lish Marabou/Charmeuse Dressing Gown


I own 2 of her dressing gowns in the sheer fabric (you can see  them in some of my pictures on this site). But have been lusting over this light pink  one for a while now. Or pick  one that you think I  would look like a Queen in when we visit.

Size Large

Baudelaire Dress in Oxblood Velvet


Cant you just picture me sipping on something bubbly next to you in this.

Size Large

Samba Carnivel RIO Iridescent Bra


Who doesn't want a spectacular costume piece, can you just imagine the ways I would entertain you in this! 

36 D

Samba Carnival Bra


Any colour they are all so beautiful! I would just love to serve and pamper you  with this beyond gorgeous piece!

Buy a bottom of your choice or have me pair it up with a equally dazzling costume piece I already have!

36 D

Latex Hobble Skirt

How  kinky would this be to play in!?! Any colour combination. 

Size Large

Vintage latex garter belt


Need I say more, you know my ass would look spectacular. Any colour.

Size  XL

Cherrybomb - high waisted latex skirt with small ruffle


Body harness ,adjustable harness for whole body


Harness with rings on shoulders,harness for dance,fetish harness




Super elegant with strappy type of panties.

Suspender straps a must with this waist cinching belt! 

Size Large



I just cannot get enough of ANY TYPE of harness, it has that fetish feel that I love.

The red would be oh so beautiful, can you imagine me wearing this while out on a date with you, either under or over my clothing !?!

Size Large

Lululemon Athletica


Absolutely any thing in size 8, tops or bottoms

You know how good I look in yoga pants

Go to your local mall or buy online, or bring me with you so I can do a private frisky show, do you have the balls to bring me out with you and get a boner?!?

Madonna Sex Book


I just have not been able to bring myself to buy this yet.  The photography in it is beyond spectacular. I look forward to doing my own kink style photo shoots in the future. But how fun would this be to look threw!  Never be ashamed to explore all avenues of yourself! Let me guide you, lets explore together or maybe you should teach me!




There are a couple different photographers I would love to work with. Both these ladies are fierce and I have wanted to shoot with them for a while now.

One is on the Island and the cost is $300 

The other is in Vancouver the cost is $450

You can join  me here in a #flyyoutome. And we can make the most magical overnight extravaganza, or afternon tryst! Check rates please. Or you can pay for the shoot itself and get the full portfolio of edits! I will also be able to use the final edits as I see fit in what ever capacity I wish. 



This has been on a bucket list of mine. I could not think of a more magical place to spend some time with a lover.

If you are not a regular of mine there will be screening done. 

If I am not already on tour in Calgary, I will require my flights paid for.  



What makes me feel most like a Queen!? Having the luxury of time to get ready properly for a gentleman such as yourself. Getting every inch of me supple and perfect. Picking out the perfect lingerie to wear under the most fabulous classy outfit. No one but you needs to know what a dirty bad girl I really am underneath the clothing and between the sheets. 

$750 for 3 hours 

Screening done if not a regular

XXX Videos