Ooooo so MUCH to talk about

But alas..... ugh, I was way way way to detailed for my last website. What I am going to do is save the page, and upon your request I can send you the file. I really am trying to keep it as PG as possibly. I do not want to have to go through the trouble of re-doing this website again. Here is the list I will cover in detail: 

- Foot Fetish  

- Voyeurism/Exhibitionism  and  Cuckholds 

- Body Worship 

- Role Play 

- Tease and Denial 

- Dress Up/Cross dressing 

- Water Sports 

Sensual Domination

Ditto as above. I will save the page and send it to you upon request.  If you like the idea of me having more control over all, this will be up your ally. 

Love Love Love Fetishes

Over all, the fantasy of everything just makes this oh so fun. The sky is the limit and I am a very open individual.  I provide a non-judgment environment to explore in. I love trying new things, so please never be afraid to come to me with what you may feel like is a beyond crazy idea. I've probably heard worse. Lets just play and have fun. Isn't that what life is about !?! At least that's how I choose to live my life.