This is for my time with you, no matter how much or how little we get into. There is a variety of reasons that people book me... what is your fantasy  baby!

      ***1 on 1*** 

2 hours            $600

3 hours            $750

4 hours            $1000

Trips to Greece  $50 extra on top of rates 

Day rate         $1600     
Over night      $1400   



THURSDAY 25th 1pm-2:30 everyone welcome

FRIDAY 26th 8pm-9:30 *20-30 year old's

SATURDAY 27th 8pm-9:30 *40-50 year old's 


               per man


I am making 2 groups, 20-30 year old's, 40-50. Now we all know that a 44 year old well preserved man can fit right in the younger group, he honestly probably doesn't look much over 30 to begin with. The 20- to 30 year old group made if very clear that were not interested in having a group GB with some one old and unfit, and or some one that just reminds them of there dad. So if I don't know any details about you please let me know. This will take away so much un necessary back and forth, I can also down the road just start pairing certain people up together behind the scenes, but I am honestly just building my roster and starting to get to know some of you in this fashion.  

MMF & MMMF $250 per guy, Greek included, per hour of time 

Spending money on me for my time IS spending money on yourself. Undivided attention to your needs and desires. 

You always have to be responsible, in control and rational. Let me be the total release from the limitations of life.