This is for my time with you, no matter how much or how little we get into. There is a variety of reasons that people book me... what is your pleasure baby!

15 minutes     $120 
1/2 hour          $200
1 hour              $300

Trips to Greece  $50 extra on top of rates 

Day rate         $1600     
Over night      $1300   

To much? Check out other options down below. 

Interested in more!? I do have friends that sometimes work with my touring schedule. I love playing with both men and woman but as a general rule, my rates double. 

As of recently I am exploring another avenue of putting myself out there. I have a lot of people that wish they could see more of me, but alas I do have to split up my time. This avenue lets you explore me on a totally other level! It brings a side of me to the table  that I don't necessarily get to share with you, but it is a huge part of who I am. The site will explain it in more detail. There are 4 different monthly tiers  you can subscribe to. I also choose this avenue to add because I know it can be costly to see me in person. This gives you options.

$15-  Check Me Out

$30-  Voyeur 

$60-  Dedicated Voyeur 

$100-  Fetish 


Look under the photo section of this site to see what a photo shoot series will  look like. I have to have my face blocked here, but I will have this series with my face showing on top of what ever tier you end up choosing through Patreon.