This is for my time with you, no matter how much or how little we get into. There is a variety of reasons that people book me... what is your fantasy  baby!

      ***1 on 1*** 

Regular Experience (GFE)

1/2 hour           $220

45 min             $320

1 hours             $400

2 hours            $700

3 hours            $950

4 hours            $1200

VIP (PSE) Experience 

1 hour        $520

2 hours      $900

3 hours      $1200

4 hours      $1400

Trips to Greece  $50 extra on top of rates 

I have written out the difference between PSE/GFE if you want to know why the price difference and what it includes, text and ask for the information if you like 

Please feel free to text with your fantasy/inquires, I do not mind chatting with serious clients looking for specific answers, by now I can tell if you are just a time waster pulling my leg, so please feel free to ask me more specifics I will always make the time for you to make sure this is a good fit and our connection works 



Day Rate         $2000     
Over Night      $2700   


     ***Bring a friend***

MFM & MFMM $350 per guy, Greek included, per hour of time, have some one you like hanging with!?!  I bet I will like them as well! The more the merrier! Lets have some fun and make some positive memories.

Spending money on me for my time IS spending money on yourself. Undivided attention to your needs and desires. 

You always have to be responsible, in control and rational. Let me be the total release from the limitations of life.

Please feel free to check me out @ 




This is where you can see my reviews, how I write adds up and how I respond to the clients I have seen. It is free for you, you just need a user name to belong! Do your research it's allot of time and money you will be investing in a companion!