Help me Help you


These are some items I would just love for the up coming holiday season!

I am so in lust with this brand and it goes oh so well with the pin up brand/look I have. A couple gentleman have been asking what I might like so I thought I would compile a bit of a list.

Because there are so many items I thought I would do a bit of a special, there are so many things and the princess in me wants it all! If you never ask the answer is always no.

How it works:

You tell me what item you would like to get for me , either a e-transfer OR a gift card directly from this store, I will then have it delivered to my house 

Once it arrives I will create a short strip tease video with the item you bought for me, you get to pick the song 


I will offer a HH of either sexting if we cannot meet in person OR a HH of social time added to a full service date , anything over a half hour 

Hopefully this makes getting me something just that much sweeter! 

xoxo Veronica Blake xoxo