Live Action Shows!

Want to be part of the ultimate group play session?

 Ive been in this industry for a little over 3 years now and LOVING it! So many exciting things have happened to me threw this. I have really learned to perfect my skills and craft over the years. 

 I love love love men (giggle why else would I be doing this if I didn't) what do I love more then just one man? Multiple men of course! I have had several experiences over the years with group play. I love the fantasy of it all, the dynamic is unreal. Which has lead me to the point where I want to put it out there and organize this not only for myself but others as well. I always get inquires but where we always fall short is the organization and scheduling. "If you really want to do something you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse".

Im hoping with a little lead time and organization, those who really want to participate in a "live action show" because lets get real, this is truly THE BEST LIVE SHOW you will be part of! Can book the necessary time off to be included.

Discretion is key at this level. All bets are off in person though! Most of the men that will attend are straight by nature, so you don't have to worry about "gay" stuff happening, like most of us we can be a bit bi curious, but for all intensive purposes, these live shows are for straight men wanting to have fun in a group setting. I would love love love down the road once I get to know people be able to do sub groups. I have so many different types of men it would be amazing to cater to all sorts of fantasy. But lets put one foot in front of the other to start. I am also not opposed to adding other woman down the road, but I want to see how just myself and a few other men go first. There are a million ways to spin these live shows, I first want to see what type of market there is.

How I would like to start these particular shows is a half hour cocktail meet and greet, that gives a little wiggle room for those that might be a moment or two late, plus gives us a chance to say hi and mingle. Followed by a sexy strip tease by myself for you all to enjoy and me to be in my birthday suit ready to go  , then and hour and a half play time. That should give all the men plenty of time to have a few msog in between playing! And maybe a refreshment in between to hydrate!

I am really into changing the way I do business and would love to concentrate of doing this type of work instead of one on ones. Which is why for 2 hours of play, all in, everything included I am charging $350 per guy.

I will need a $100 deposit to hold your spot and so I can make sure you are serious. Via e-transfer. We all know you can be extremely flaky at times lol , and no I don't need this personal information to "screw" you over down the road like some men think. After 3 years of this I have build an outstanding reputation for myself, but I do need to make sure you are serious. Even if your a regular I still need the deposit.

I am going to cap these play sessions off at 5 men. I know for sure that it will be a breeze handling that amount of people no problem. I will let you know where I am staying a day or 2 before the session, and give you the room number a half hour before the start time. Please arrive at the time specified or a minute or two after, please do not arrive early. I shall be hosting two play times:


Tuesday Aug 21st - 1pm- 3pm

Wednesday Aug 22nd - 7:30pm -9:30pm 


Tuesday Sept 4th 1-3pm

Wednesday Sept 5th 7:30-9:30

Let me know if a weekend date would be preferable for another tour

Please feel free to research me!

A couple reviews of mine on CAF that relate DIRECTLY to this:!?highlight=veronica+blake

Best way to contact me is threw text 250-619-2329, if you need more details please do not hesitate to ask!