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Picture: Lalani Electrica & Myself

As you may or may not know, since starting down this career path, I have split my time equally between Calgary and Edmonton. Over the last year I have known I would eventually have to choose between one or the other. Which has been hard because I truly have favorites in both. For a few different personal reasons I have chosen Calgary to work out of 90% of the time.

That being said I have given up a couple long term consistent Daddy's. They will still come to visit, but the commute has drastically changed the amount they can. 



If you have read threw the rest of my site you will seen I am very very good at what I do and take the lead in allot of my sessions (which I do love, don't get me wrong) but what I also LOVE LOVE LOVE is an in control, boss me around, put my sassy ass into place daddy. 

For those reading this that might be a little unclear, i'm not looking for a sugar daddy, although that being said, I wouldn't say no to such an opportunity either. If your unclear what a "daddy" type figure is, this is not the role for you. I am not here to teach and bring you along. I am looking for men that already are in the know, with the skills I desire. 

This man (or men, a girl can dream...)  will be excited to push each others  buttons/boundaries and consistently grow with in our allotted roles over time.

Looking to add a couple  of Daddy's to my roster of hotties. 


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